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The NETM received NSW Government funding to deliver 100 different micro-credentials over a 4-year pilot to help rapidly upskill Western Parkland City’s workforce to attract industry investment and establish the Western Parkland City as Australia’s growth hub for advanced industries.

The NETM is a genuinely industry-driven approach to learning, ensuring learners build useful skills that employers need. To successfully implement the NETM, we need a broad range of sector partners coming to the NETM with innovative and exciting micro-credential proposals.

What micro-credentials are we looking for?

Micro-credentials are small-scale courses, of approximately 40 hours of learning in duration, for learners to build knowledge, skills and experience in a particular discipline applicable across multiple professions.' What's different about the NETM is that we are placing industry in the driver's seat, to make sure education programs are designed for business, by business.

The initial programme of NETM micro-credentials will focus on priority industries for the Western Parkland City, including advanced manufacturing, freight and logistics, aerospace and defence, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and agribusiness.

These proposals should target industry skill gaps or emerging industry skill needs that are not currently being met by other forms of education and training.

What’s involved in proposing a NETM micro-credential?

The WPCA will work with you to scope a potential micro-credential that will address the needs you identify. You can also participate as an industry partner in the delivery of a micro-credential – and if you are interested in this level of participation, we will work with you to see if your existing training materials can be adapted or if we might need your input into a bigger piece of educational design in close partnership with one of our leading education partners.

The WPCA will support industry partners in the development of proposals, putting suitable proposals through the funding approval process, and if approved, through the selection of an appropriate education partner to deliver the micro-credential in the Western Parkland City.

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