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Who will be able to access AMRF services?

The AMRF will offer varied and flexible access arrangements for companies of all sizes and stages from large multinationals to research institutions to SMEs.

The AMRF will look to work with industry partners and institutions at all stages of development. It will be capable of supporting small, defined projects and large, end-to-end programs and everything in between.


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It will support businesses and research institutions, to work collaboratively to prove out and scale up new manufacturing processes and products in preparation for commercial production.

Access to the AMRF’s stage one shared technology platform will be structured on a flexible engagement model to support both short and long-term projects, utilising the facility’s equipment, systems and technical staff. This will enable industry and academia to quickly plan and schedule short term development work and also arrange, plan and deliver major development projects on a case-by-case basis.

By providing easy access to this shared-use facility, we can also help local manufacturers bridge the gap from traditional to advanced manufacturing.

When can I access the AMRF?

The First Building is due for completion by 2023, with the full-scale building planned to be operational in 2026.

Our team is ready to speak with you today to discuss your business needs and explain how you can be a part of the AMRF.

If you are a business or research organisation interested in how our shared-use facility can help you with your challenges, we are keen to hear from you. 

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