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How can AMRF help your business?


  • Help manufacturers become more productive and meet the highest quality standards.
  • Train manufacturing engineers and operators in the latest manufacturing technologies.
  • Provide a hub for manufacturers and researchers to collaboratively progress technologies through to commercialisation.
  • Provide a research translation platform which attracts further investment into research in NSW from both public and private sectors.



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[Beginning of recorded material]

Duncan Reynolds:

We're quite a traditional business, we do a lot of sort of old school manufacturing, and the manufacturing industry is changing very quickly.

Kylie Ridding: 

Hi, I'm Kylie. I’m from SVSR. My parents originally started the business over 30 years ago. I joined – the last sibling of the family to join  the family business about 2010. At that time the business moved to Liverpool and we've been in Liverpool since then.

Duncan Reynolds:

We work on sewer ventilation systems for water utilities including Sydney water, many regional councils throughout New

South Wales and we design manufacture and install throughout New South Wales and increasingly throughout Australia.

The AMRF can really benefit our business by helping us expand our products and services range. We work in a very dynamic, fast changing environment - we need access to excellent research, we need access to excellent manufacturing facilities in order to remain competitive and grow our business.

Tony Jankovic:

We're looking to take our business to the next level through innovation of obviously streamlined manufacturing and obviously growing our business into other sectors where our services obviously are needed.

[End of recorded material]

What will the AMRF specialise in?

The AMRF will offer assistance in six advanced manufacturing specialities:

Additive manufacturing

Application of beam technologies for powder bed fusion

AMRF specialities

Subtractive manufacturing

Five axis CNC and Wire EDM

AMRF specialities2

Composite manufacturing

End-to-end process line using ply layup and moulding technologies

AMRF specialities3


Robotics, collaborative robots, conveyor sensor and vision systems

AMRF specialities4


Product lifecycle management, IIoT, cloud computing and visualisation

AMRF specialities5


Surface scanning, microscopy, position probe and on-machine measurements

AMRF specialities6