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What is the vision?

The vision is for a green, connected and advanced Parkland City:

Delivering a green City:

The Parkland City will be a green and resilient city with a unique natural landscape that protects biodiversity and supports an increasingly sustainable and compact urban form.

Our investments will enable the City to become a true ‘parkland’, promoting green infrastructure through networks of open space and waterways and increasing the tree canopy. The City will also attract green economic opportunities in sustainable industries.

In the development of Bradfield City Centre, the WPCA will aim to achieve Australia’s first hydrogen ready and zero carbon city.

Delivering a connected City:

The Parkland City will be a globally and locally connected City supported by physical, digital and social infrastructure.

The new 24/7 Western Sydney International Airport will be a major contributor to the City being one of the most connected places in Australia. The first and subsequent stages of the metro line, rapid bus corridors and more walkable neighbourhoods will allow for better access to jobs, services and amenities.

The City will also be a model for digital equity, innovation and cyber security. It will be designed to respect and Connect with Country and our First Nations people and celebrate our cultural diversity.

Delivering an advanced City:

The Parkland City will be a leader in the advanced manufacturing sector with advanced education and skills to match.

The Parkland City will support the growth of clean, green and advanced industries. It will also grow our health and education precincts and leverage existing strengths in freight and logistics, construction and tourism.

This will improve the diversity of local job opportunities, rebalancing job distribution and improving wage equity across Greater Sydney.