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Chair's Foreword

As well as being a future driver of economic growth for NSW and Australia, the Western Parkland City will be the most green, connected and advanced City in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Draft Economic Development Roadmap – Phase 1 aligns with the Australian and NSW governments’ commitments to leverage the economic and investment potential of the Parkland City. The Draft Roadmap also sets out a pathway to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the Parkland City grows – accommodating over 25% of the population growth of NSW – we have an opportunity to focus on creating the right environment for jobs to grow.

These will be the jobs of future generations that will harness future technologies. They will be the jobs that drive the innovation and industry at the heart of the Parkland City.

The Parkland City already has a wealth of endowments –a strong manufacturing sector, proximity to world heritage-listed natural areas and a skilled and culturally-diverse population. The Draft Roadmap seeks to drive these and grow workforce skills.

We want to see the Parkland City emerge as a centre for globally-competitive and nationally-significant industries, leveraging its strengths in people-oriented sectors like health and education services, and all underpinned by the enabling infrastructure that makes the City productive and liveable.

The Draft Economic Development Roadmap – Phase 1 works hand in hand with the Draft Blueprint. Together they recognise investment attraction, liveability and infrastructure investment needed to become a City fit for the 22nd Century.

The chance to act is now. With the development of the Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport line and Bradfield City Centre underway, we have an opportunity to ensure that the entire Parkland City shares in the jobs and liveability dividend.

I look forward to continuing the conversation about how we can best grow the economic opportunity for the Parkland City.

Jennifer Westacott, AO
Chair, Western Parkland City Authority