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Draft Western Parkland City Economic Development Roadmap

Chair's Foreword

As well as being a future driver of economic growth for NSW and Australia, the Western Parkland City will be the most green, connected and advanced City in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Draft Economic Development Roadmap – Phase 1 aligns with the Australian and NSW governments’ commitments to leverage the economic and investment potential of the Parkland City. The Draft Roadmap also sets out a pathway to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the Parkland City grows – accommodating over 25% of the population growth of NSW – we have an opportunity to focus on creating the right environment for jobs to grow.

These will be the jobs of future generations that will harness future technologies. They will be the jobs that drive the innovation and industry at the heart of the Parkland City.

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What is the Draft Economic Development Roadmap – Phase 1?

The Draft Economic Development Roadmap – Phase 1 provides an overarching strategy to maximise these economic opportunities and attract investment, businesses, and talent to the Parkland City and Australia. It focuses on leveraging the City’s existing strengths and supporting the advanced industries that will create new jobs for the next generation.

The Draft Roadmap is a companion document to the Draft Western Parkland City Blueprint, which outlines the next critical infrastructure projects needed to make the City the greenest, most connected and most advanced in the Indo-Pacific region. The Draft Blueprint also signals a fundamental shift away from incremental planning and investment to alignment of government spending on infrastructure and services that supports jobs-led growth.

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What is the vision?

The vision is for a Green, Connected and Advanced Parkland City:

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This Draft Economic Development Roadmap – Phase 1 has been prepared by Western Parkland City Authority (WPCA) to provide direction on the economic priorities required to deliver the vision for the Western Parkland City.

Accordingly, many of these priorities will require further planning and consultation before governments commit the resources for detailed investigation and implementation.

WPCA will work with Commonwealth and local governments and NSW Government agencies to progressively advocate for and/or deliver the priorities and continue to engage with stakeholders on emerging issues.

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The Draft Blueprint for the Western Parkland City and Draft Western Parkland City Economic Development Roadmap - Phase 1 are available to download below.