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What is the role of the Western Parkland City Authority?

The NSW Government established the Western Parkland City Authority (WPCA) to coordinate infrastructure, attract investment and deliver the Bradfield City Centre. The WPCA has been tasked with guiding growth and investment for the entire Parkland City, and this Draft Blueprint and the Draft Economic Development Roadmap are central to that work.

Through the Draft Blueprint, the WPCA sets out the infrastructure priorities that will deliver the vision for the Parkland City.

Western Parkland City Blueprint: Shifting the Fundamentals

  1. Build for the long term: by bringing forward decisions to avoid costly retrofitting. This will shift all levels of government from incremental planning on a project- by-project basis to establishing and coordinating delivery for long-term investment needs and options.
  2. Unlock the economic potential of the Parkland City: by shifting to a jobs-led approach to growth and making economic and talent attraction a key component of delivery decisions.
  3. Align and increase investment in infrastructure: by identifying the infrastructure investment envelope so Government can plan ahead for the medium- to long-term where the Parkland City does not just ‘catch-up’ but leaps ahead as a city ready for the 22nd century.
  4. Make community central to planning and delivery: by engaging upfront and on an ongoing basis with existing communities as the Parkland City grows and changes to drive equity, liveability and amenity for residents, workers and visitors.
  5. Recognise the Parkland City as a green, connected and advanced City in its own right: by shifting from a peripheral expansion of Greater Sydney to a Parkland City that driven by innovation, sustainability and a world-renowned city in a parkland.