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Next steps

This Draft Blueprint has been prepared by the WPCA to provide a central resource on the existing, future and emerging priorities required to deliver the vision for the Parkland City. Accordingly, many of these priorities will require further planning and consultation before governments commit the resources for detailed investigation and implementation.

The WPCA will work with Commonwealth and local governments and NSW Government agencies to:

  • Address coordination issues identified in the Draft Blueprint
  • Progressively deliver the priorities
  • Continue to engage with stakeholders on emerging issues
  • Advocate for priority investment decisions.

The WPCA will review feedback from stakeholders and refresh priorities periodically, so that the Draft Blueprint adapts as the city evolves.

Feedback is critical to inform WPCA’s city coordination role and our work with key stakeholders.

The feedback period is now closed.

Info line: 1800 312 999

General inquiries email: [email protected]