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Delivery Horizons

The Draft Blueprint’s ambition to build for the long term and shift away from incremental planning means decisions need to be prioritised to support the vision to create the most green, connected and advanced City in the Indo-Pacific region. This will also provide greater alignment across government agencies and deliver more certainty for city building stakeholders and the community.

Strategic Alignment

This Draft Blueprint supports the delivery of the vision for the Parkland City that was established in 2018 in the Greater Sydney Region Plan: A Metropolis of Three Cities and the Western City District Plan. The vision for Greater Sydney includes the goal of building “on its social, economic and environmental assets to improve the quality of life for all its residents and to uphold its status as one of the top cities of the world.”

The Region Plan is supported by the Future Transport Strategy 2056 and the State Infrastructure Strategy: Building Momentum.

The Draft Blueprint encompasses the six domains of the Western Sydney City Deal and a range of other Commonwealth, State and local government strategies which influence development and growth across the Parkland City.

In bringing together the delivery elements of these plans and strategies, the Draft Blueprint provides a foundation for coordination.

In this context, the Draft Blueprint identifies a range of priorities across each of the green, connected and advanced themes and draws out critical priorities for immediate consideration.

Some priorities need significant further analyses and testing, some are more advanced than others, whilst all involve multiple stakeholders and address complex policy issues. Consequently, timeframes are allocated to each priority to support prioritisation of resources at the same time as ensuring a ‘no regrets’ approach to planning the City.

In all cases, realising the vision for the Parkland City will require significant and consistent investment over a long period of time. This Draft Blueprint is put forward by the WPCA as its current view of the priority investments required for the Parkland City vision, subject to the input of other stakeholders.

Coordinated Planning and Delivery

Coordinating investment with involves an assessment of priorities and their sequencing. Progressing the priorities generally involves three stages as follows:

  • Identification of Strategic Merit: Government determines whether to proceed with formal investigation of the priorities and investment decisions–such as addressing Government assurance processes.
  • Under Investigation: Government is investigating whether action on the priority or investment is feasible –such as preparing a detailed business case to secure funding allocation
  • In Delivery: Government has committed funding and actions to responsible authorities –such as detailed delivery and construction phase

The delivery horizon timeframes recommended for priorities set out in the Draft Blueprint are defined as:

  • Immediate – 2022/23: being the next 6-18 months with a particular focus on unlocking opportunities in the existing centres and greenfield / Aerotropolis areas.
  • Short Term – 2022 – 2026: being the next five years with a particular focus on growing a nationally competitive advantage and delivering a joined-up City.
  • Medium Term – 2026 onwards: to futureproof the economic growth and delivery decisions for the Parkland City.

Planning and Delivery Partnerships

Figure 4: Local Government Areas

Engagement with the eight Western Parkland Councils has provided initial input to the preparation of the Draft Blueprint. This includes a line of sight to range of funded and unfunded infrastructure in each LGA.

The preliminary inputs have been drawn from a range of local plans, strategies and initiatives prepared by or for the Western Parkland Councils.

These preliminary inputs include funded and unfunded infrastructure preferences and proposals. Not all have been confirmed and/or endorsed by local councils or the relevant State Government agencies. Rather they form the basis of further discussions in collaboration with the WPCA, relevant State Government Agency and local council. Refer to Appendix A, Draft Blueprint for the Western Parkland City, November 2021 (PDF).

The WPCA also has a key role to play in advocating for the City and collaborating widely across the private sector to facilitate development and investment attraction.